Hoping that with Sleep

the waters will flow through the gutters with ease

without you having to interfere

hydrodynamics, you’ve said

and the clicks of the emails coming, will silence themselves

at least for a time, your head so heavy

maybe you can heal, hard as it can be, through the years

and you, lying so still, giving very little

while the rain pours down

so much pressure passing through the leaves and the gunk

through one small channel

or somehow going around all of it

I can’t imagine how that would look

we’ve crossed that line

all of the water’s pressure

moving through

it flows, is cleansing

the pounding on the roof

all of the information is gone now

So lost in everything

And I’m hoping

Margaret McGowan

Margaret McGowan has a BA in English Education from SUNY Albany. She has worked as a newspaper reporter, a copyeditor, and as a writing teacher. Currently she runs a small business.

Contributions by Margaret McGowan