Jason Lasky

Jason Lasky is an American playwright and actor. His plays have been performed on three continents.  He is the co-founder of Shanghai’s critically-acclaimed independent theater, 5th Wall Theater, and he launched J. Lasky Productions in 2014 with an international collaboration for the first Shanghai Soundpainting Ensemble, of which he is its live composer.   Mend the Envelope premiered at the Thespis Theater Festival in New York City in September 2015 ​and was remounted at the Midtown International Theater Festival in November​.​ A Chinese adaptation is currently being mounted for a 2016 debut in mainland China. He and his wife Svetlana are the ​​latest recipient​s​ of Theatre Communications Group’s Global Connections On the Road grant for their ​40 Days of Night project in Murmansk, Russia. www.jasonlasky.com

Contributions by Jason Lasky