Music, Darts, and Other Gifts

Atlantic, Chess, Stax


Frankie Crocker and WBLS


Voices shattering windows


You gave those gifts to me


No Wednesday night CBS suburban twin bed brotherly scuffle


This was Brooklyn hot knife edge balance


My eyes sweating fear watching your fingers dance along the blade


D train wheels wailing call and response as you turned the volume up


Reed and skin, bleeding chords and harmonies


Memphis, Detroit, Mississippi, Mobile, Harlem


Raising roofs, stakes and desire


Closing my eyes, I see twitching toes on Brighton Beach


Comic book muscle builders watching girls bounce in the surf


In a few months you will throw a football into my shaky hands


The sound of crunching leaves under my feet staying with me


Later, when you throw a dart into my soft stomach


Laughing as a track of blood broadens underneath my t-shirt


Midnight listening to Coltrane and Puente


Covers the wound in darkness and urgency


Between sets I find a way


Guided by Otis and Dizzy, sheets of flatted fifths waving in an ocean breeze


A child led out of a three room maze of a salesman’s and gypsy’s unnoted decay


Into the frightening joy of the different

Glenn Moss

Glenn Moss is a media lawyer by trade and has been been writing poetry, stories and plays since high school in Brooklyn. He went to Binghamton University, where he wrote a five act play for a course in Jacobean Literature. That experience encouraged him to continue writing, and in law school at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, he wrote a play for a course in Jurisprudence. Returning to NYC and a life in law and family, he continued to write poetry and stories amidst contracts and business plans. He believes that each area of writing is enriched by the other, with even contracts benefiting from a bit of poetic dance. He has poems and stories published in Ithaca Lit, West Trade Review, Oddville Press, 34th Parallel and Oberon Magazine.

Contributions by Glenn Moss