if I wrote you a love poem : you would have pearls at your wrist and teeth at

your throat : wolves have suckled you : in my love poem your skeleton would be

soft as a pulse : wrapped in blue rain : fox skull socketed with yellow coneflowers

: in a house filled with black water I’d find you dead and suspend you from rafters

to drain all your blood : let your flesh dry like a rare shark your limbs packed

with ammonia : and write letter after letter to you over three days until you woke

: remind you how we corresponded for years from one city to another in code :

dawn chorus meaning marrow full of sorrow : but I refuse to write a love poem : I

refuse to make just another coffin for uneasy breaths : to bind you to a you that

is no more than you than I am the I : slender and breasted enough for men to

arrange in a cage of antlers : I refuse to make a place where friendship means

less than : where love has to mean I want to make a braid of the soft hairs at the 

nape of your neck : instead of saying I want to be gathered in my bones in your arms

like roses in the robe of the blue mother and cry until salt dissolves me I say let’s walk

the roadcuts looking for philodendrons because I refuse to make a house where

would be forgotten : leaning ladder : and because to say raze every tender curve of

my skull is supposed to be too much for friendship : because I cannot handle the

choking gasp of drowning of being told it is not love if I do not want to cleave

body in two if saying love means nothing in this too-large house to you if I could

not say sun instead of fuck o you o yes :

Kelly Weber

KELLY WEBER holds an MFA in poetry from Colorado State University. She is the author of the chapbook All My Valentine’s Days Are Weird (Pseudo Poseur), and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Mud Season, Entropy, upstreet, and elsewhere. She has been a finalist for the Frontier Chapbook Prize and Two Sylvias Chapbook Prize, and her work has nominated for a Pushcart Prize and the AWP Intro Journal Award. She has received professional support from the Bread Loaf Environmental Writers’ Conference workshop and served as an editorial assistant for Colorado Review, and in 2020 she will have a Sundress Academy for the Arts residency at Firefly Farms. She lives in Colorado, where she enjoys exploring the outdoors. More of her work can be found at kellymweber.com.

Contributions by Kelly Weber