Surviving the Flood


Arkansas and Tennessee in 1927


The Dakotas and Nebraska in 1993


Grandma on the roof, muddy cane and goodbye


Farms becoming reservoirs of mud


State Farm and Allstate prepping commercials


Waters recede along with college plans


Soybeans and hope are planted again


Bismarck shelters and Omaha warehouses can house orphans one more day







Katrina’s howls break levees


Sharecropper’s grandkids become just more shit in the deluge


Like a stillborn refusing to die in the muck between the debris


Slippery balance finds a buried peace in relocation and zoning variances


A flyover shows death as something beautiful


A child finds the body of her mother and sings a lullaby












Joni sings about a river she’d like to skate away on


Maybe the same one Huck and Jim took as they lit out


Currents of fear explode into a flood of rage


Torn roots are gathered to tear skin, break bone


Becoming the mortar of our walls


America becomes a place to escape from


Children in tents and cement rooms cry


Watering a battered nation needing to be baptized



Glenn Moss

Glenn Moss is a media lawyer by trade and has been been writing poetry, stories and plays since high school in Brooklyn. He went to Binghamton University, where he wrote a five act play for a course in Jacobean Literature. That experience encouraged him to continue writing, and in law school at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, he wrote a play for a course in Jurisprudence. Returning to NYC and a life in law and family, he continued to write poetry and stories amidst contracts and business plans. He believes that each area of writing is enriched by the other, with even contracts benefiting from a bit of poetic dance. He has poems and stories published in Ithaca Lit, West Trade Review, Oddville Press, 34th Parallel and Oberon Magazine.

Contributions by Glenn Moss