The Pillow Talk of Two English Teachers

In the darkness of our bedroom, he rolls to face me
his hand coming to my hip bone and asks

What’s one of your favorite words?

Epitome. You?


The way the first “o” feels against your lips.

What’s your favorite punctuation? 

I consider the warmth of his fingers, the coolness of the wedding band and the callus just beneath it from where his hand curves when he writes.

A semicolon.

When two halves
of a sentence could,
stand alone &
be just fine
and yet when
they come together
they’re fulfilling.

What about you?

A colon. 

When what follows
highlights what is
already known.

Katie Ellen Bowers

Katie Ellen Bowers was raised in Charleston, SC, but is now sowing seeds with her husband and daughter in the small, rural town of Heath Springs, SC.

Contributions by Katie Ellen Bowers