To Begin/Nights In

I can feel his close wet breath on my neck as warm
clings to his saliva and seeps
into my pores causing my blood to sway just a bit more

we move silent as all else becomes loud with rhythm
and voice as they creep around the room
demanding / failing for attention

hardwood eyes, his ears, his scratchy chin hairs
are eaten whole
broken into their essence in my stomach
now —
part mine
part his

he speaks with my hand on his person
where the vibrations travel up his center
through to mine then south and south again
to the floor where the glasses shake slightly then spill

the droplets scatter in that moment of chaos
springing into space and onto an outlet that gives out
as the screen streams one last chromatic display
before it too gives out
leaving us again in quiet and in dark

Austin Garrett

Austin currently lives as an aspirant writer in the small town of Sainte Genevieve, Missouri and recently graduated with a bachelor’s in Creative Writing from Southeast Missouri State University in the much larger city of Cape Girardeau. Outside of writing, he finds peace in spending time with his partner and the occasional hike.

Contributions by Austin Garrett